South Pacific jack Mackerel

This study focuses on the application of SEAPODYM to the Chilean Jack Mackerel (Trachurus murphyi) population stock distributed throughout the sub-tropical waters of the South Pacific Ocean, and managed under the framework of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization

It was included as one of the objectives of a research project submitted by a consortium to a call for tenders released by the EU DG-MARE.

The project intended to provide the first spatially explicit estimation of a Chilean Jack Mackerel stock. Only a small part (<5%) of total nominal catch was available as geo-referenced information and used for model parameter estimation. The remaining landings were spatially redistributed within known fishing grounds to account for total fishing mortality.  Some acoustic biomass estimates were available and also used in optimisation.

Average predicted spatial distribution of adult South Pacific Jack Mackerel density (g m-2) and fishing impact (From Dragon et al., in press)


Dragon A-C., Senina, Hintzen N.T., Lehodey P., (2018). Modelling South Pacific Jack Mackerel spatial population dynamics and fisheries. Fisheries Oceanography. 27(2) :97-113.