French (ANR) project MyctO‐3D‐MAP

Mycto3Dmap : Myctophid assessment in relation to Oceanographic conditions: a three Dimension Density Distribution approach combining Modelling, Acoustic-and Predators’ data

The French (ANR) project MyctO‐3D‐MAP proposes an innovative combination of methods to assess the distribution and habitats of the main aggregating myctophid species of the Southern Ocean: 1) the use of 2 myctophid predators, the southern elephant seal and king penguin as bio‐samplers, 2) acoustic surveys, 3) biophysical oceanography, and 4) modelling.

Outputs of micronekton biomass distributions from a SEAPODYM regional high resolution (1/12°x day) configuration using physical forcing from Mercator-ocean models are provided to analyse the behaviour of predators. 38kHz acoustic data are collected onboard the R.V. Marion Dufresne  to be used for the optimization of the micronekton model.


Deep mesopelagic biomass (medium resolution ¼°) with individual tracks (black) of elephant seals.