H2020 Observing the Southern Ocean


Mesopelagic Southern Ocean Prey and Predators (MESOPP)

Acquisition of active acoustic data is the only synoptic approach to monitor the mesopelagic layer of the ocean which play a critical role both in the Earth carbon cycle and the functioning of marine ecosystem. Such technology is becoming mature and is still not enough deployed despite its high potential scientific value .

MESOPP will contributes to:

  • Better understanding and modelling of the marine carbon cycle in the Southern Ocean;
  • Better understanding and quantification of ocean mesopelagic biomass which is clearly at stake for some countries in terms of bio-economy and blue growth potential;
  • Better understanding of large predators ecology, mostly protected species like marine mammals and sea birds, which behaviour and population dynamics are changing progressively under the impact of climate change.

Acoustic transects available for micronekton model optimisation