Indian Ocean Swordfish

Application of SEAPODYM to swordfish

Estimates of climate change impacts

The Pacific-based optimal parameterization of SEAPODYM for swordfish has been used to obtain a configuration for the Indian swordfish population. Simulations are driven by 1952-2012 historical geo-referenced catch data and by the same environmental forcing (NCEP-ORCA2-PISCES).

Available catch per unit of effort (CPUE) data from the fisheries operating in the study area are used with the MLE approach to estimate fisheries catchability parameters.

Mean predicted distribution of swordfish density in Nb. ind. km-2 with observed CPUE of Japanese fleet (Nb.ind / 100 hooks) proportional to circles.


Dragon, A-C, Senina I., Lehodey P.,(2014) Applications of the SEAPODYM model to swordfish in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. 12th Working Party Billfish of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission. IOTC–2014–WPB12–16 Rev_1: 38 pp.