ATLANTOS Operational Model

Operational Chain of Production of the Model Forcing

The SEAPODYM model requires 1) temperature and horizontal current data derived from the physical ocean circulation model, 2) primary production (PP) either derived from satellite data or predicted from the biogeochemical model, and 3) dissolved oxygen concentration.

The chain of operations starts once per week. The operational MERCATOR-OCEAN/CMEMS ocean circulation model at resolution 1/12° is degraded to ¼°. Primary production and associated euphotic depth used in this configuration are derived from ocean color data using the VGPM model of Behrenfeld and Falkowski (1997), while a climatology from the World Ocean Atlas (Garcia et al., 2010) is used for the dissolved oxygen concentration.

A phase of pre-processing reduces the number of vertical layers by averaging the values according to the definition of vertical boundaries (linked to the euphotic depth). The model runs in parallel to simulate the production and biomass of the zooplankton and micronekton functional groups, starting from initial conditions saved in the previous week.

The results of the 1st time (weekly) step are archived to provide initial conditions for the next week.

All outputs (temperature, currents, primary production, zooplankton and micronekton) are archived to be used as forcing variables of the abacore tuna model.

Most recent 4-week series of operational production of micronekton (epipelagic component)

Note: This simulation output is updated once a week (on Wednesday)