Climate change impacts on WCPO Tuna

Enhanced estimates of climate change impacts on WCPO tuna, including estimates of uncertainty and ocean acidification

The project will undertake analyses of four tuna species (skipjack, bigeye, yellowfin, albacore) to characterize the uncertainty in the predictions to alternative population dynamics model structures, parameter uncertainty and plausible climate change scenarios.  The first experimental results on the impact  of ocean acidfication on yellowfin tuna  larvae will be incorporated into SEAPODYM.

wcpo tuna

Envelope of predictions of total yellowfin biomass in WCPO computed from an ensemble simulation composed of 20 runs, including ocean acidification impact. The ranges by model forcing for the last 10 years (2090-2100) are shown with the colour bars at the end of the time series (From Lehodey et al. 2017).


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